Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Zyto Scanning. Wait… Huh?

Zyto scanning. Have you heard of it? No? Let me tell you a little bit more then…

As y’all know I have been on a journey to help find relief from chronic pain caused by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I am currently taking several different medications and have been receiving Ketamine infusions for about six months. I have also radically changed my diet (think Keto, but not exactly) in an effort to help my nervous system work more efficiently. As a big believer in using food to treat medical conditions and other holistic therapies, I am researching all kinds of different ways to help treat this disease.

I have a friend who is very knowledgeable in all things holistic and she offers a service called Zyto scanning.

This particular practice relies on energy that we as humans emit as well as the energies in the things of the world around us. Energy travels at what is measured as frequencies, much like a radio using a frequency that allows us to enjoy our favorite song.

Every living thing has energy. That energy travels at its own frequency and those frequencies have negative or positive affects on us. When our bodies are experiencing something negative – spiritually, soulically, or physically -sometimes they need the help of “balancers”. Balancers are the frequencies of different herbs, oils, foods, etc., meant to help you get back in line.

Enter, my friend and her Zyto scanner.

The way a Zyto scan works is very fascinating. For example, at my last appointment, I went into her office and sat in front of her laptop. There was a handle cradle attached via USB cable.
The Zyto scanner

I placed my right hand on the cradle as she signaled the first scan with a click of her mouse. The scan only took about five minutes. Once it was over, we repeated the process 2 more times.

And y’all, here is where things get interesting… After the scans were over, a report popped up detailing each deficiency in very specific areas of my body. We went through the report, and then…

She began to tell me every symptom I was experiencing and even the primary emotion I was feeling!!

Now, full disclosure, she does know about the CRPS. However, she did not know of the severity of it nor was she aware of the minute details of the new issues that have been showing up lately. In spite of that, she read every single detail of my struggles, down to the last hidden emotion. It blew my mind!
A Zyto report

This report not only detailed what was wonky, it also gave suggestions on what I needed to get unwonkied – (it’s a word… well, kinda). So right there on her laptop she began gathering the necessary frequencies to help me. We ran a few more scans to fine tune the balancers, and then she provided a homeopathic formula created specifically for my body.

If you’re squeamish, it’s totally okay that you skip the next paragraph….

It genuinely made a difference y’all. One of the things I walked into her office with that day was a severe constipation attack (hey, I warned ya 🤪). The next morning, well… let’s just say I was no longer constipated!

There have been other improvements as well, but I want to keep those quiet for right now. To be completely honest, I am still skeptical of some of this. So until I can confidently say that Zyto scanning has helped those areas, I’ll just celebrate my lack of constipation with you!!

I’m already looking forward to our next session. We are going to delve deeper into some of the newest issues that this CRPS has brought to my life.

In the coming weeks, I will be unpacking the frequency theory and explain how it all works together. We will do a session on Facebook Live, have an interview with my friend, and some other fun things! I invite you to join me on this new journey as we continue this fight to knock CRPS on its ass!

If you are super excited to learn more and don’t want to wait for my next post, this is a really great resource for you. I would also love to put you in touch with my sweet friend. If you’d like a free 15 minute consultation with her, just drop your email in the comments!

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