Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Writing Through Writer’s Block: How to Get Your Fire Back


Writing is something that has always come naturally to me. I don’t say that to brag, just to point out the irony of what I’m going to say next: I have the worst case of writer’s block.

A few years ago I did a series on how to start a blog. The first post in that series addressed a syndrome I have seen many times. It is the, “No One Wants to Hear What I Have to Say Syndrome”. If you are a writer I am sure you are familiar with it. It’s the moment when you know you need to be writing, but there’s that nagging little whisper in the back of your mind that convinces you your writing will be in vain. I get it. Well, I didn’t then, but oh boy do I now.

Ironically, it wasn’t long after that post that I began an intense struggle with my own NOWtHWIHtS disease.

For almost 18 months now I have jumped in and out of writing, painfully insecure with each press of the “Publish” button. With the end of each “break” I would promise myself and you, you incredible reader you, that I was back and ready to work. Only to post a couple of pieces and then descend back into insecurity.

A few weeks ago, life took a strange turn. After making plans to have a “day job”, I suddenly didn’t and found myself sad and, well, bored. I’m a big believer in that old adage, rejection is simply redirection. I also hold firm to the idea that we have everything we need in life in front of us during that particular leg of the journey. So, after licking the wound of disappointment for long enough, I began to look around and turn my focus to the tools I had in front of me that I just wasn’t seeing.

Then I hired a life/business coach to help me get reengaged (shout out to Cara Alwill!). After one session with her, the lightbulb went on!

faithandbling had been staring straight at me the whole time! Now it’s clear to me that it’s time to begin writing, in spite of the syndrome…

So, I spent the weekend getting some good info, motivation and goals to meet. I wish I could say that I’ve been cured, but, nope!

I still have writer’s block.

And, I still have no idea what I’m going to say in future posts or what the focus of this new season of blogging holds.

In fact, even as I write this, that nagging little voice is working overtime.

But, I am excited about all of the new contacts I’ve made lately and the tools that I’ve been given and that is where I will begin – with the tools I know I have and let everything else work itself out with each step.

Now you may be asking, well that’s great for you, but what does all of this have to do with me?

Great question! Here is what I want to leave you with:

Whatever it is you’ve found yourself struggling to do, first know, it’s totally normal. You are not lazy or incapable. It isn’t at all helpful to put yourself down.

Second, I encourage you to try a new approach to your thing. Whether that be taking some classes, getting involved in a group or two, or just spending some reimagining and readjusting to your passion.

Third, don’t wait for things to be perfect to get back to doing the things you love. Start with what you have, be patient with yourself and allow your instinct to lead you in the next step.

And finally, remember, you have everything you need for this moment in your life. Take some time to get quiet and objectively evaluate the tools that maybe you aren’t seeing.

If you have a passion project that you have been neglecting, take your time getting to know that part of you again. You may be rusty at first (God knows I am super rusty right now). That’s okay. Don’t give up.

Let’s begin writing through the proverbial writer’s block together!

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