Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

The Inspire Journal


I was given the neatest journal a couple of years ago! Every other page is a quote and artwork designed to inspire you to be more creative. When I read the cover I was so excited! Little did I know what was waiting for me inside.

Each page is actually a writing prompt that helps me find the good side of life. While I was so thankful when I received it, life happens and I set it aside for two years. I recently found it and I am so enjoying writing in it!

As I was writing this morning, I really felt like I need to share each day’s prompt and my response with you. I need to tell you, I am extremely nervous about doing this.

My journals are the places I go to sort out my deepest thoughts and most challenging emotions. To let out the “stuff” that I don’t even tell myself sometimes… To share this journal with you is a great show of trust and respect by me.

I can’t tell you what to expect each day except for some honest, straight from the heart (and gut) thoughts. In opening up this part of my life to you, I want to inspire you to take a moment each day and write out the good in your life, even if the only good is that you have a bathroom to use everyday 😉. If you need a little inspiration, use the writing prompts I am using. An even better idea would be to go to and snag a journal for yourself!!

Are you ready you ready to get started? Great! Head on over to the next post for a peek into my thoughts and maybe some inspiration of your own!

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