Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

The Beauty of Blogging – 4


Let me start off by saying that I know these first few steps are pretty easy, but hang in there, the blogging will start soon.

Today we need a name. There are a few things to keep in mind when naming your blog…

1. It needs to reflect your blogging niche.

So remember how we decided on the type of blog you were going to write? Well, in some way the name needs to let your readers know what that is.

2. It needs to be easy to remember.

I feel like this step is pretty self-explanatory. 😆

3. While a blog name that is too complicated is not a good idea, something too easy won’t work either.

Think of your blog like the name of your business. It needs to be something that will stick out in your readers’ minds; almost like a song that gets stuck in your head. The more catchy the name, the more likely your readers will remember it. There are some great ways to keep it simple and creative. Alliterations, a play on words, or niche specific terms are great places to start. For example, if I were a makeup blog, I could use alliteration and name it “Makeup Mavens”. If I were a gardening blog, I might call it “Planted in Grace”, as a play on words. If I were a fishing blog I might call my blog “The Reel Thing”, if I wanted to use a term that is specific to my niche. When naming your blog, think outside the box and have some fun!

After you’ve named your blog, you’ll want to turn it into a domain, so you’ll need to see if the domain is available…

Let me back up for a sec. For those of you who aren’t tech friendly, a domain is another fancy internet word. It refers to the combination of www., the name of your blog followed by .com, .org, .net or another domain suffix. So faithandbling is the name I chose for my blog and www.faithandbling.com is its domain. You’ll want to register it with a domain registry. I use Go Daddy. There is a small fee for this step, but it ensures no one can use the name you chose. Once you’ve done this you’re ready for a hosting service! We will talk about web hosting next week!

Just to recap: your homework for this week is to name your blog and register it. Once you’ve finished your homework, come back and let me know in the comments!

If you’re wondering just what the heck is going on, go back one step to 
The Beauty of Blogging 3 for more information. See you next week!

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