Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

The Beauty of Blogging – 3

Okay! Were you able to find a blogging platform? If you were, let me know which one you chose and why in the comments! If you don’t have one yet, that’s just fine. Checkout the The Beauty of Blogging – 2 for how to do that.

For those of you who have a blogging platform today’s step is fun!

Remember in The Beauty of Blogging – 1 I told you to be thinking of your hobbies, interests, favorite topics, etc? Well that list comes in handy today because we are going to use it to find your blogging niche!

There are lots of different types of blogs out there. faithandbling is a Lifestyle Blog. All that means is that I incorporate all aspects of my life into my blog. There are makeup blogs, fashion blogs, foodie blogs, gaming blogs, hunting blogs… if there is an interest or hobby, there is a niche for it. If you’re having trouble choosing the theme of your blog, pick you favorite hobby and start there. As you start blogging the niche may change and that is perfectly okay! Just get started.

Once you’ve decided on a niche, let me know in the comments! If you have questions, email me at faithandblinghq@gmail.com.

Next week we will name your blog!!

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