Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

That One Time I Met This Really Hot Guy: A Love Story

Oh have a I got a love story for you today!

But first: Hello, hello! How are ya? I’m doing pretty good! So the other day one of my readers asked me how Josh and I met. I can’t believe I’ve never told y’all our love story! It’s definitely a good one…

One day, a long long time ago I was working in a boot store in Fort Worth, Texas.

I was newly divorced after an extremely volatile and abusive marriage. I was dating three men with lots of money and was very happy with the arrangement I was in. Nice things and no strings. It worked for me.

One day a super hot, verrrrry cocky horse trainer came sauntering into my store. I remember the first time I saw him… He was so hot y’all but he smelled like horse pee and I knew his bank account could not afford me (oy… that sounds so harsh, but it was true back then). While I was immediately physically attracted to him, his swagger just as immediately annoyed me. For several months after that he came into the store at least once a week and tried to talk to me each time. At one point I remember that he asked me for a special order form to which I responded by tossing the clipboard on the counter after rolling my eyes and scoffing at him.

And so begins our love story.

One night I went out to a club with some friends and saw him there with his friends. He stared at me the entire night. Thoroughly annoyed by him, I walked up to him and asked him if I knew him and if he had a problem. When he gave me very short answers, I walked away in a huff. At one point during the night, I noticed he was staring at me again. When we made eye contact, he motioned for me to “come here” with his finger. He then asked me if I knew how to waltz and we danced until the bar closed. We ended up hanging out until 6am the next morning 🤭. He called me a few hours later and we were inseparable from that moment forward.

When we met he lived on a ranch in Azle, TX.  One night, he proposed in a round pen under the stars just after five short months of dating. A few months later, on May 7, 2005 we were married in his grandfather’s sweet little church in downtown Fort Worth.

In the thirteen years that we have been together we have been through hell and back multiple times. Even after all of the trials, I can say that my man is my very best friend. He drives me up the wall sometimes, but he never fails to make me laugh. He is the love of my life and I am so thankful for him.

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