Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Of Grit and Grace

“Of Grit and Grace”.

I love the juxtaposition of those words together. In my mind I imagine the word grit as down in the mud, hard work, relentlessly pushing forward toward something. Grace is something altogether different. While grace is empowering, in my mind, it’s also beautiful and full of rest, trusting solely in Christ alone.

When I was little and up to something’ my grandmother use to say, “Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” However, I’m not so sure. Little girls are just little women and I feel like we are made of so much more than just the “nice” things…

As a church-lovin’ girl, I hear a lot about grace, and oh how I love that word. The “grace of God” is a phrase I love even more. Without His wonderful, beautiful, empowering grace, I would be so lost in a hell of my own making. I am only free because of His…


Of Grit and Grace

Inside the church world, however, I have never felt quite like I fit in. My years of past junk have left an indelible edge on me that I just can’t seem to shake.

I’ve been in a lot of yuck and I have had to do some down-in-the-mud work to get out of it. Now don’t get me wrong, the grace of God empowered me to face the demons, but I knew that it was up to me to cooperate with His grace to slay them once and for all.I never had a word for it, though, until now…


Of Grit and Grace

So when I heard this phrase, I immediately identified with it…

I have grit and I am living out grace.

But it doesn’t stop there… as women, we are the lovely personification of both of these words.

We have grit and we are living out grace.

We must walk in the grace of God with a stubborn, magnetic grit, that refuses to settle for less than anything His best.

Furthermore, as Christians we are to face this world with both. We need to live in His grace and let it infuse grit into our souls.

Living out the grit and grace of the Gospel isn’t always easy. We must be willing to face our yuck and work to bring forth all that Jesus has put inside of our spirits when He saved us (Philippians 2:12).

As we bring those things out, we are called to help others do the same. It isn’t comfortable or pretty. Sometimes it requires a great deal of compassion and depth for ourselves and for others. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. In fact, it means we must. You see, we are co-laborers with God, tasked with bringing His love to a world that feels anything but (1 Corinthians 3:9). The longer people spend feeling unloved, the messier things get. We can’t run away from that. We have got to dig deep into our grit and share the grace of God without judgment or fear and in a way that will be heard. We’ve got to remember that, as servants of Christ, we are here to meet the needs of others, not the other way around.

Once we commit to sharing Christ with the world, this life ceases to be about our preferences and opinions.

Are those things important to Christ? Oh, absolutely! If, however, they get in the way of loving people, we need to be willing to set them aside and do the work we’ve been called to do.

We absolutely must have grit in order to share His grace.

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