Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Chores: Yes or No?

Chores. The word that gets a groan out of all pre-teens everywhere…

Last week we talked about our men. This week, let’s talk about our kiddos. One of the readers asked, ” I have a six year old son. Up ’til now I haven’t made chores a top priority for him, but I think I need to start. What do you think? Is he too young?”

The short answer? No way!

I believe that as soon as our babies are old enough to toddle around carrying blankets, toys and our favorite tubes of lipstick, they are old enough to have age appropriate chores ( if it were me, the first would be to toddle that tube of lipstick right back to my bathroom!).

I also believe that chores give kiddos confidence in themselves and a sense of purpose in their world. Even when the older kids moan and groan they tend to get bored more easily without them, so load ’em up, friend!

With that said, here are a few chore examples for each age group:

A sweet little toddler can:

…put his/her toys away, put their clothes in their drawers, or put their clothes in the dirty pile.

A six year old can:

…set the table, clean their room, sweep the floors, empty bathroom trashcans, and feed their pets.

An eight year old can:

…mop, fold clothes and put them away, put away groceries, load the dishwasher and begin to learn to cook.

Between the ages of ten and twelve, they are ready to start cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, and making their own breakfasts

When my kids turned twelve, I began to teach them to cook full dinners and by thirteen they were making the family meals on their own. Sometimes, they even made the recipes!

So, there ya’ have it, short and sweet! Keep those questions coming. This is fun!


P.S. If you’re looking for a cute chore chart, you can fine one right here…

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